10 Must-Visit Attractions in Wellington, New Zealand

If you’re looking for tourist attractions in Wellington, New Zealand or want to visit the city then there are plenty of things that should be on your checklist. This article will highlight 10 must-visit tourist attractions in wellington new Zealand and give a quick summary of what they have to offer.

10 Tourist Attractions in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Waterfront

On a sunny day, the waterfront is where you should head to enjoy some time outdoors. The festivals and celebrations that take place there are great for getting in touch with your inner wanderlust as well as seeing what other exciting things have been going on around town! There’s also plenty of food options from both local restaurants or stalls at markets like Liquorish – we guarantee it’ll be worth taking one last stroll before dinner tonight (even if just for dessert).

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is a famous landmark in the Wellington Town Belt, an inner-city public parkland popular with hikers and runners. The peak at 196 meters (640 ft) can be reached by following one of many trails up from lower elevations or on foot through neighborhoods nearby its summit!

City Gallery Wellington

The City Gallery is a venue that curates contemporary art exhibitions in the heart of Te Ngākau Civic Square. The mission statement for this gallery allows it to inspire and challenge all visitors regardless of whether you’re looking at local avant-garde collections or attending special events hosted onsite, which includes ones curated by them!

Te Papa Tongarewa

Te Papa, the national museum of New Zealand is a must-visit for art lovers and history buffs. It features innovative displays that are interactive as well to make things more interesting than just looking at an object or plaque in an exhibit hall! Te papa also houses many fascinating Maori artifacts waiting their turn on display with you while exploring this great building – so take your time to explore all corners without being rushed through it like some other museums might do when they’re feeling pressured by visitor numbers (I’m sure those Muons don’t mind).

Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum is home to the 1892 Bond Store, a heritage building on Wellington’s waterfront that was previously used as both cargo and shipping goods warehouse. The iconic museum tells stories from all throughout New Zealand including maritime adventures with natural disasters making their mark against our communities’ thriving today.

Wellington Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden in Wellington is an oasis of beauty and intrigue. With its 25 ha (60 acres) it extends across all five senses with 250 million plants to explore, including 30-40 different types of orchids! It has lush landscapes from exotic region like Africa as well native bush that provides you’re bound for discovery every time I visit here – which isn’t just once but twice this year already!!

Oriental Bay

Oriental Bay is the most popular beach in Wellington, close to downtown and with an impressive view ofotorian bay. With its picturesque promenade for walking or cycling alongside water from shore while enjoying lunch on one of many picnic spots that line this stretch; Oriental Bay also has plenty activities like swimming where you can enjoy your favorite meal right at sunset before taking off back home after busy day work.

Cuba Street

Cuba Street has the best nightlife in all of Cuba, and with its vintage designer clothing stores you’ll have no problem finding some good buys to bring home. Whether it’s original Prada or Gucci sunglasses for your next party (or both!), this street will not disappoint!


Zealandia is a new wildlife reserve that’s located in downtown Wellington, New Zealand. The project started as an enclosed urban ecosanctuary – the very first of its kind anywhere on earth! It protects native species and rare birds are now thriving within this gated community with 18 different types of animal life returned to it so far; including possums, kiore (a type mouse-like creature), wood pigeons or fantails. Bus hire specialists like https://wellingtonbusandcoachhire.co.nz/ can take to this wildlife reserve.

Wellington Cable Car

The only funicular railway system in New Zealand, the cable car is a means of transportation that whisks locals and visitors alike between many scenic locations. You can walk from one end to another or take advantage by using our free Shuttle service!