Perth’s Art Scene – The Best of Art Galleries

Perth’s art scene has been growing in recent years. There are many art galleries to explore, and with so many options, it is hard to know where to start! We have compiled a list of the best art galleries for you to explore, giving you an overview of each one and what they offer.

Western Australian Museum

The Western Australian Museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. With large collections of Indigenous arts and artifacts on display, it showcases some of the most significant Aboriginal forms in this country. Visitors can browse through paintings that showcase their culture’s rich traditions as well as modern works by local artists, which are always worth seeing because they offer new perspectives into these traditional practices while staying true to art’s history in Australia.

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)

The art space has an eclectic mix of international and local artists, so you’ll never be bored. If free time is scarce, then don’t fret! PICA offers many opportunities to see the work for no charge by hosting exhibitions every Monday evening until 8 pm, when they close their doors – perfect if your budget is tight but that thirst to experience good artwork isn’t. You can find this gem on King Street where it intersects with James Street – check out what’s currently being displayed at gallery number four-hundred twenty-three!

The University of Western Australia Art Gallery

The University of Western Australia art gallery offers a quiet respite from the bustle and high-rises that characterize this busy city. The museum features an intriguing exhibit on how early Aboriginal paintings have evolved over time into modern-day masterpieces, as well as pieces by some of Perth’s most celebrated artists such as Margaret Preston and John Olsen.

The Good Shed Art Space

The Good Shed Art Space is the perfect place for those looking to experience something new. With a converted shed, this art gallery showcases emerging artists and exhibitions across different disciplines. The gallery also hosts events such as performances or screenings that can be attended by anyone who wants to explore their creative side!

Gallows Gallery

This art gallery is one of Perth’s oldest and longest-running art spaces. They offer exhibitions, artist talks, lectures, workshops, and tours to educate the public on art from around the world – they attract both local artists and international ones.  You can find art from art movements all over the world, and they have a library of art books for you to browse.  It is located in Mosman Park, which is an art-filled suburb with plenty of other galleries to visit.

Heathcote Museum & Gallery

Located within the culturally significant Heathcote Complex, this space is a place where you can learn about and experience art. They have both exhibitions from local artists and an in-depth museum detailing history at the iconic sites. There are also workshops for those looking to get into making their own artwork, with some extra help along the way! This art gallery is a museum and art gallery in one. The art on offer ranges from Aboriginal paintings to modern art by local artists.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia

This art gallery has art from all around the world and throughout history, including art by Western Australian artists. They have a great variety of different exhibitions going on at any one time, so you are sure to find something that interests you – it’s also free entry! Perth Cultural Center offers art exhibitions, artist talks, and art workshops. This is located at the Perth Cultural Center in Northbridge.

Linton & Kay Galleries

Linton & Kay art galleries offer art from around the world, and they have a fantastic range of both classic artworks and contemporary art. They also hold exhibitions with artists living in Perth to showcase their work – it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for some new talent! You can find Linton & Kay art galleries in Northbridge.

Lawrence Wilson Gallery

If you’re in the mood to take a leisurely art stroll, Lawrence Wilson Gallery is an excellent starting point. The gallery showcases pieces from different time periods and countries around the world; if it’s modern artwork or classical paintings that tickle your fancy, this space has something for everyone! Located in Claremont with plenty more galleries just waiting to be explored nearby, Lawrence Wilson Gallery is sure not to disappoint!

The Fremantle Arts Centre

A masterpiece of modern architecture, Fremantle Arts Centre is a must-see for any art lover. With delightful displays and free exhibitions year-round in the stunning gardens, this iconic venue has something to offer everyone with its many ticketed events and courses. The onsite café offers coffee that can only be described as an experience itself – don’t worry, though! You won’t have trouble finding your way around thanks to all the helpful staff there who are always happy to help you find what you need (which may or may not include some delicious treats from their shop).

We hope you have found this art gallery guide helpful! Perth is home to some excellent art galleries with something for everyone – be sure to explore what the city has to offer and take your family, friends, or partner along for the adventure.

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