Top 8 Must-Dos in Sydney on a Budget

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Australia, and it’s also one of the most expensive. If you’re looking for things to do that are within a budget, this article has just what you need! In this post, we will discuss 8 must-dos Sydney on a budget.

1. Sydney Tower

What better way to view the city than by 360-degree views of Sydney from its Eye! Tickets are about $26 and if you’re feeling brave, try the SkyWalk Experience. The first level features a revolving restaurant with an epic dining experience; it’s only a short walk away from Base Backpackers.

Yoga lovers can get in on Wednesday night yoga classes for just $25 – that is until they realize there’s nothing else more beautiful than watching their downward dog flow seamlessly into Sydney at sunset while taking in all 360 degrees of beauty around them!

2. Free Sydney Sights Tour

Sydney Sights offer free walking tours of the city. These informative, educational walks take you through Sydney’s history and introduce you to its diverse culture while informing you on transportation options, best places for shopping or leisure activities like surfing! Tours depart from St Andrews Cathedral at 10:30 am & 2 pm daily with a guide wearing a bright green t-shirt.

3. Free Fireworks at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is just a 5-minute walk from Base Backpackers or Town Hall Station. Offering plenty of photo opportunities, Darling harbor boasts many outdoor cafes and cheap eats. Live music can be found on the weekends at some bars in this popular location for buskers and street performers- Every second Saturday night from the 29th of October to the end of January will see them host an amazing fireworks display!

4. Circular Quay

For a photo-worthy experience, you’ll want to visit Circular Quay. This is where the Sydney Opera House and the iconic bridge are found – it’s an obligatory stop for visitors! You can either take public transport or walk from Town Hall Station (1km) or Central Station (2 km). Alternatively, hop on any train in the town center and get off at Circular Quay station instead of walking as well. The Royal Botanical Gardens will be worth your time too – they’re almost twice as large as Sydney’s inner city!

5. Sydney’s inner suburbs

Sydney is often defined by its city centre, but for a more authentic experience be sure to venture off the beaten path. Just outside of Sydney’s urban center you’ll find Newtown – an alternative suburb that features quirky shops, live music and bars. If exploring this area sounds too tame then head on out to Surrey Hills or Glebe which both offer their own unique experiences. And if it seems like just another day in the office take some time away from work with your coworkers at King’s Cross!

6. Bondi Beach

Australia’s famous stretch of sand! The cheapest way to get to Bondi Beach is by public transport. Trains depart from Town Hall and Central Station in the CBD, dropping you at Bondi Junction where you can then take a bus for the last leg over Sydney’s iconic coast line. It takes about 40 minutes from downtown, but it’s well worth going all day long just so that your feet hit white sands with waves crashing against rocks below as seagulls squawk overhead before taking on one of Australia’s most challenging walks: walking along what locals call “The Baysiders” or “Coogee-bounders”.

7. Ferry / Snorkel at Manly Beach

Fed up with the hustle and bustle of city life? Head north for a day trip to Manly Beach. The ferry from Circular Quay will cost you no more than $15, and offers an incredible view of Sydney Harbour as it sails past North Shore’s many beaches. You’ll find plenty on offer at this beach – shops, bars, cafes or restaurants lining its beautiful shores (or scattered around nearby streets). If you need some gear to explore in the water then head over to Manly Beach Hire where snorkels ($5) or flippers ($6) are available!

8. Bicentennial Park

No visit to Australia would be complete without a BBQ picnic in the sunshine! Catch an affordable ferry ride from Sydney CBD and you’ll find yourself with amazing views of Sydney’s cityscape as well as it surroundings. Once at Parramatta, take a bus to any one of many parks or lakes that will provide fresh air during your day out while also providing amenities for cooking up some food on those grills we all love – BYO Alcohol too if desired.

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